Elizabeth Gilbert at Revolution Hall

Back in the day (this particular day: the early 2000s) Powell’s Books would rent a venue for its big authors and you could see a reading for free. No longer. Now you pay money, and also get a copy of the book. This is how I’ve obtained Gilbert’s last three books.

Elizabeth Gilbert was her usual self. She was funny, wry, and admitted to drinking too much at lunch with Cheryl Strayed. She talked about the loss that had come lately to her life. In the Q&A section she was very clear about what a question was, which was very much appreciated. The woman who asked the first question, asked the most beautiful question I’ve ever heard at an author reading. The whole room took a breath simultaneously. What was the question? I do not recall. But it was a great moment at the book reading.

Gilbert also read us the first chapter of City of Girls. Which would have been enough to sell me on reading the book. Of course, I already had a copy.

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Gilbert at Revolution Hall”

  1. OOH! I might need to read this. I have yet to read any of her books – though I have the creativity one you gifted me a long while back.

    I love the overview of what counts as an actual question and the lovely collectivity of one woman’s beautiful question.

    Oh book events – I will enjoy you when you are possible again.

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    1-tab I have kept open since my last comment session to mark my spot
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