Portland Couple, Summer 2019

Doing some shopping in the Pearl.

I love them so much. There are so many Summer 2019 in Portland things about them. They are both wearing pants, because it’s not really hot. The silhouette is about the same for both the man and the woman, though the man gets a bit of breathing room in his clothing. Both of their shoes are great—stylish and walkable. The woman has got some great shoulders on her, and that phone is so big it peeks out of her back picket. Plus: I spy a tattoo.

Also, they are both wearing watches, neither of which look like smart watches.

Now I’m starting to think they are perhaps from Europe.

2 thoughts on “Portland Couple, Summer 2019”

  1. I love this post so much! In fact I thought I might have commented on it before…but alas I just blurked at the time – in my blog reader apparently.

    Can this be a continued feature? More PDX couple posts would be fun!

    1. Well, first we would have to get to the point where people go outside on a regular basis. But yes, in that far-flung future, more of this.

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