Elks Lodge Photos

I took a few photos of the property before breakfast.

I love the round window and the Monkey Puzzle tree. Those trees take a very long time to grow.

The Spanish Steps are gorgeous. One of my coworkers lives in Tacoma, and when I mentioned I’d recently visited, she said that she had her engagement photos taken on the Spanish Steps 20 years ago.

Little bit of cat art sneaking in.

Because the building was empty for a long time before McMenamins took over, there was a ton of graffiti. Because of that legacy, there is a goodly amount of graffiti art throughout the building. Here’s what one floor looked like before restoration.

Here’s that same floor now. You can see the doorway in the back right of the above picture.

And a picture of one of the artists working on that same lintel.

Our empty ring boxes, the ironing board and iron we somewhat successfully used, and the masks Matt brought along to avoid COVID.

Breakfast, this time with rings.

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