Post-Ceremony Phone Calls, Dinner, and General Celebration

After we finished with the ceremony, we called our family and friends. I had more calls to make than Matt did, plus I think he left more messages.

While he was waiting, Matt took a picture of his ring.

And his shoes.

This is my favorite picture, curtesy of Laurie.

Here’s the front view, curtesy of Burt.

Then we headed to Viva Tacoma for our take-out wedding dinner. We wandered until we found Mason Middle School (they were the mustangs) and ate while sitting on this bench. I also made a few more calls.

Burt and Laurie also got us a card and a present.

After that, back at the Elks Temple Matt and I trudged up and down the many flights of stairs looking for the answer to the clue so we could get all our stamps. Eventually we had to ask Laurie and Burt for help. I was too tired to soldier on using my own brainpower.

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