Exact words!!!

I’m quibbling here with the term “inner-city.”  I know by “inner-city” they are using shorthand to describe the bad part of town where opportunities are few and mostly people of color live.  That place, when Mitchell Jackson was growing up in Portland was not the inner city, it was in Northeast Portland.  Inner city is over by the Keller Auditorium and is rather nice today, and then.

5 thoughts on “Exact words!!!”

  1. I think if it was an article for a national audience, yes. But for people who actually live here, no, it's lazy. And it doesn't properly encompass the redlining history that first kept minorities from living in the "inner city."

  2. I agree with you, P. Obviously the author just didn't want to say something charged like "ghetto" (not that NE Portland is really a ghetto either), but "inner-city" doesn't fit. I'm sure there had to be another euphemism.

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