First stop on the Catio Tour

What is the Catio Tour?  Why it is a showcase of Portland-area cat patios, of course.  The Catio Tour is sponsored by the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and the Audubon Society of Portland.  For a five-dollar donation, the MAunts and I drove around to six Catios on the west side of Portland.

Our first stop:  The Skybridge Hideaway that just happens to be near Aunt Pat’s house.

From the street you can see the overlook so the cats can see what goes on outside the fence.

The cats access their catio from the owners’ bedroom.
Detail to see how the connection to the window was made.
More detail.
From the window the cats walk along the side of the house to this enclosure, which also contains their litter box.
They can climb from the large enclosure to bridge to their street view hideaway.
Which has a door so their owners can access that area.
Detail of one of the perches, plus construction technique and type of fencing.
A ton of perches.
Corner seat detail.

The docent told us the owners were surprised at how active the cats were at night once they were allowed out in their catio.

2 thoughts on “First stop on the Catio Tour”

  1. That would limit sleeping snuggle time, which would be a minus. But the catio looks very impressive. Quite generous of the owners!

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