Farmers Market and Buffalo Bill Days.

Buffalo Bill days had many things, including an outhouse race.
This gentleman in the hot dog costume wanted us to buy fresh made donuts.  He did what any teenager enthusiastically overselling things will do:  cartwheels. I bought a twist and man, was that a good donut.  It rivaled Blue Star Donuts and that is saying a lot.
The teenager sitting in the window noticed me and waved before I could take the picture.
I tried out these chairs, which were so incredibly comfortable, I wished to pack one up and carry it back to Portland with me.
E with her donut sample.
They had Civil War reenactors.
E examines walking sticks that are also flutes.
L sat with me on the comfortable chair.
Patrick, after nearly getting hit by one of the walking sticks, helps E choose one to try out.
I was fascinated by the family and took many surreptitious photos of them.
This youngster told us all about the cannon.

He had great cheekbones.
E got to hold one of the cannon balls. (Cue the Breeders)
I enjoy a good label and am happy to know this is where the windshield washer fluid is kept.
Not a warning you will see on a civilian vehicle.
Big truck.
Patrick looking into a humvee.
There were pony rides!  E and L meet one of the ponies.

Also on this trip I learned that when you are around small children, you tend to acquire things.
An excellent juxtaposition of customer t-shirt and vendor sign.
These guns were really great.  I bought one.
Patrick takes a shot.
Headed for the pony rides.

They were still getting the ponies saddled.

Hipster cowboy.
The cheerful owner.
These girls were interested, but ultimately, only one of them rode.
E and Patrick.
L and Heather.


Working teenagers.

When we walked back through, there was another outhouse ready to be pushed in the contest.
So ended a great trip.  Thanks to Heather, Patrick and the girls for funding and hosting me.  It was so wonderful to see them and their slice of army life.

4 thoughts on “Farmers Market and Buffalo Bill Days.”

  1. OMG, those teenaged boys are so adorable. I know I've said it before, but boys are so much better put together these days than they were when I was a teenager.

    So which side did the reenactors represent? Or did they have people for both sides? Did they actually have a battle?

    I'm curious if you got to see the outhouse race. Do they go down a hill or something? I'm wondering how they steer.

  2. I love to take pictures of teenagers. I a non-creepy way, of course. They are so interesting and it was nice to just be able to take pictures, since I could pretend I was just grabbing pictures of people I knew.

    The reenactor camp was pretty small, just seven people or so. I was trying to tell by the uniform, but it's kind of a bluish grey he's wearing.

    We missed the outhouse race, but I think they have one person sit inside and the others push the outhouse up the street.

  3. Ponies. I love ponies. The outhouse races sound amusing and rather Idaho. I wonder if any Idaho festivities include such races? I think that could take a tip from KS!

  4. The reenactors had ARMY emblazoned on their stuff, which means Union. The cool side is that the teen telling us about all the different shells that one could fire from this cannon as well as the rest of them slept here for the several days during the festival. They didn't do a battle, per se, but did fire it at the start.

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