Postcards from California & Nevada

This is from regular commenter Jan who observes “I’m not totally sure what ‘she’ is going to get but it sort of looks like she wants it.”

This is from Cindy, she of the fabulous wedding last summer. It’s from Great Basin National Park and Cindy said no one was there.  However in Zion National Park, everyone in the world was there. 
 Keep that in mind when planning your next summer vacation.

4 thoughts on “Postcards from California & Nevada”

  1. Never heard of Great Basin National Park before! The pictures online are amazing! It's not *super* far from us. Maybe we'll visit some day. And yay! I made it onto your blog again.

  2. I love hidden treasures tat are a little more unique and less populated. VA has a ton of those. Boy do I miss that state – or as should I more properly say, commonwealth!

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