Filmspotting’s Triviaspotting Event

The Filmspotting podcast had fun events planned at different locations around the country this year. Alas, pandemic. But they’ve started a new monthly event, an online movie trivia game.

For $20, I got to log into the game, was put in a group (We named ourselves Adam’s Manimals) and then we did our best to answer the two rounds of trivia questions. There was a lightening round too, where we had to pick one person from our team to answer quick questions. The topic was Marvel heroes/actors. The person was given the name of the superhero and had to name the actor. We got out in the second lightening round with Vision. I couldn’t think of Paul Bettany’s last name, and neither could our point person.

We did great in the first round, and then not so great in the second round. Still, it was a fun time and I enjoyed working with my team to answer the trivia questions.

Here’s a screen shot of one point in the trivia. Can you find me?

I’m looking down because I was embroidering.

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