Four hours and I’m done. The making of Jalie 2920

Modern Domestic was having a sale and I wandered down and came home with a pattern and some fabric.  I’m after leggings that actually are a correct fit.  Ones that don’t bunch up at the ankle. And, with this pattern, if I want to channel my 80s self and make stirrup tights, I now can.  (I do not want to do this, but still.)

Here’s the mini-skirt fabric. I like it because it looks like math and the planets.

Here is my new elevated cutting table.  Those are Ikea bed risers (which sadly, they no longer produce) and the legging material laid out on my table.

There is not enough material.  
I later figured out that I had extended the pattern too far and should have kept it at its original length. So it was fine.
The material itself is this great Eileen Fisher four-way stretch fabric. It feels great and feels like it will last a very long time.  
Cutting out the skirt.  
And the finished product.  
The instructions for the skirt have a typo in them, but I did okay.  Also, I would suggest marking the leggings (I used masking tape and a ball point pen) with which is the back seam and which is the front seam.  Once you sew them together it becomes unclear which is the back and which is the front.  I also sewed a bit of ribbon in the back of both the skirt and the leggings so I could identify the back.

4 thoughts on “Four hours and I’m done. The making of Jalie 2920”

  1. Here's to hoping the stirrup pant never makes a comeback. I love this whole post. You're so handy, coming up with a creative way to elevate your table. Are those risers removable? The pattern for the skirt is great. And you look fab in the end product!

  2. I hope that about stirrup pants too. The table risers are removable, they are currently stored in my closet. I got them when Kelly moved.

    Thanks for the compliments

  3. Oh stirrup pants. I rocked those like a champ through most of high school. Oh fashion!

    Well done on this. I adore that skirt fabric!

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