Hauling Home the Things

Yesterday, we were told that due to the pandemic, the entire office would be laid off at the end of the month. In the meantime, we would be working from home. I’d already brought things home, but I went back to grab all those personal items that live at work. Here’s my thermos I put my tea in each morning (so I can get more tea out of one tea bag) my water bottle, my shrug, and a picture of Portland that Sara sent me.

I’ve also got my work laptop in that bag. I think it was because I went in to write checks, so I had to haul it there and then back home again.

2 thoughts on “Hauling Home the Things”

  1. While I know that this not a great day and probably challenging to capture–I do appreciate the overall color story you have in this image. Also doesn’t it seem like a century ago?

    1. That’s what happens when your favorite three colors have been orange, yellow and green for 20+ years! You get great coordination of color! It does seem like a century ago. Someone posted on FB the other day that they had to go into the office and the picture of the March calendar… Yeah.

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