Heidi & Kevin’s Post-Sunday Parkways BBQ

It’s another year and another Sunday and another Sunday of Sunday Parkways. As this is the North Portland Sunday Parkways, Heidi and Kevin hosted their annual post-ride party.

Kevin grills!  Bella hides from the sun!IMG_5614

New to the party this year was Cornhole.  Matt turned out to be a ringer, winning all of his games.IMG_5615 IMG_5616


Figs and umbrellaIMG_5619

This was the party at which Matt’s birthday cake was consumed, today being Matt’s birthday.  Happy birthday!IMG_5622

Thanks Heidi & Kevin for yet another good party!

4 thoughts on “Heidi & Kevin’s Post-Sunday Parkways BBQ”

  1. Aww, Bella’s face. <3

    Looks like it was a lovely day! A few weeks ago someone told me they had a different name for Cornhole but I sadly can no longer remember what it was.

    1. Interesting. Let’s see if Wikipedia knows.

      Was it any of these? (also known as dummy boards, bean bag toss, dadhole, doghouse, Baggo or Bags)

      I think “dummy boards” is my favorite.

  2. We play cornhole. Although, Dad calls it Bags. We do a sweet sixteen type tournament complete with trophys. It can get a little intense. Last time, Jody was doing a little smack talking, and I started throwing stuff at her. Of course, I got no where near her! And we were both laughing very hard when I threw a chair towards her side! It sounds awful, but it was very funny!

    1. This is actual mid-western insight into Cornhole traditions. Very good to know. And I can picture you throwing a chair in a humorous way. 🙂

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