How Much Does This House Cost?

Let’s play a fun game. How much is a house down the street from my house for sale for? It’s 700 square feet and its eastern neighbor is the wall the separates I-5 from the neighborhood.

It’s got some bright orange counters in the kitchen.

Are you ready to guess? Place your bets now. Once you scroll past this picture, you will find the answer.

Did you guess $300,000? If so, you are a winner! As will be the person who buys this house. I haven’t seen a $300,000 house in this neighborhood for a long time.

From the future, I can tell you that this sold for $302,000 on 7/8/21 to someone who lives in Honolulu.

PortlandMaps doesn’t say the last time it was sold, so we can’t have any appreciation fun.

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