Interesting things to note about two buildings

This is the Pendleton Woolen Mills Corporate Headquarters.  I was interested in the sign over the office door.  “No Alcohol Beyond this Point”  Is there drinking only in this office?

Look at this little house, which has managed to survive all sorts of transformations around it.  It’s currently the Julia West House.

2 thoughts on “Interesting things to note about two buildings”

  1. The “no alcohol beyond this point” is cracking me up. I wonder if it’s meant to be a joke or if they actually allow alcohol in that office? Also, I wonder if the person who works in that office is from California. It looks awfully similar to “the” California bear (facing the wrong direction though).

    I really like the mural on the left in the Julia West house pic.

    1. I’m leaning toward joke, but maybe not? In a parallel life, I have a job that pays me to find the answers to these questions.

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