Of note in Vanity Fair March 2017

Among the things I learned about the Director of the FBI, James Comey, is that he is very tall.  So much so that this picture of him and Attorney General Loretta Lynch had me very confused.  It turned out they were both standing, but I wasn’t sure on first viewing.

From a very interesting article of interviews about 1967 and the radical change in women’s fashion comes this great quote from Grace Slick about how someone is always standing on the outside of women’s fashion.  In this case, women who didn’t have straight hair. (Also, that’s a not-very-nice comment about Janis Joplin)

And this picture of Judy Collins taken during the photo shoot for her album Wildflowers.  I find her upper lip hair to be very prominent in this picture.  In looking images of the album cover online, that seems not to be as much of the case, but possibly because the images are smaller.

2 thoughts on “Of note in Vanity Fair March 2017”

  1. When I saw the snapshot at the top, I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s a very 1970s-looking photo.” Turns out it’s from 1967. I guess the photographer was ahead of his time. I agree about the lip hair.

    As someone with straight, fine hair that basically can’t hold a style and is unflattering when long, I know those “fashion outsider” feels. Short hair on women is almost never “in.” On the other hand, at least there are no pictures of me from the 80s with “the claw.”

    But that was a very uncharitable thing for Grace Slick to say about Janis Joplin.

    I have to admit, before this post, I didn’t even know what James Comey looked like. That photo looks ‘shopped. The internet tells me he’s 6’8″. Very tall indeed.

    1. No pictures with the claw = win for you. I’ve got some great ones. Or “great” ones, rather.

      James Comey looking like a bad photoshop in real life! I know! So strange. And now we won’t have any more of his tallness.

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