Kombucha update.

Brewing is going well.  I’ve established a rhythm. I brew on Sundays, transfer the scoby to the new jar and drop chopped up ginger in the finished brew.  The new batch goes in the oven with the light on and the finished brew gets a lid and sits for four days to absorb the ginger flavor.  Then I strain out the ginger (and the bits) and pop the finished kombucha in the fridge.  It’s delicious, and so much cheaper than buying bottles for $3.29.
This is a new batch on the right and a finished batch on the left.  The scoby’s grow “mothers” which are baby scobys you can give away or use to start more batches.  I’ve given one away and used one to start a new batch.  You can sort of see the scoby in the jar on the right.  It’s that grayish looking thing floating on the top.

3 thoughts on “Kombucha update.”

  1. I'm totally ignorant when it comes to kombucha, other than having had some at some point and not liking it. What, exactly, is a scoby? (Gross, my computer autocorrected that to scabby.) Doesn't kombucha (allegedly) have a lot of beneficial properties?

  2. The scoby is the thing that turns the tea-and-sugar-water into something (allegedly) beneficial. It's the living thing that causes the fermentation. And that's all you are getting out of science-illiterate me.

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