Deborah and I visited Zoolights to see the choir she is usually a member of perform.  They sang Christmas songs and songs from their repertoire.

Then we walked around and took in the lights.  (And the animals.  We saw the baby elephant! He was, predictably, quite cute.)

This is a river with alligators and hippopotamus and other animals.

I grabbed a photo of this kid because he looked too young to have a Letterman jacket.  He struck me as maybe a freshman, maybe.  I looked a little closer and guessed from the early 1990’s dates on the patches on the jacket that it was perhaps first his father’s jacket.
(Letterman jacket side note.  I was checking the spelling and found this Portland Oregon store that made me want to get my own Letterman jacket. I want the all-wool with the sailor collar.)

Self portrait with Deborah. (And lights)

We sat and people watched and chatted under this great dragon.
It was a fun night.

2 thoughts on “Zoolights”

  1. That looks like a really lovely, fun time. I'm trying my hardest not to be weirded out that someone who was in high school the same time as me has a kid that old (and possibly older). I think it's really sweet he's wearing his dad's letterman jacket though.

  2. It seems like a very fun evening! I am rather bummed that we didn't get any pics or crossover posts on our blog from our visit. Sorry, we are slacking. But I do have 37 posts ready to be formatted. Once I am done with this comment-a-pallooza I bleieve Shawn will be working on those!

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