Last day at the North Portland Library


My new 40-hour per week job means no more volunteering for Teen Lounge at the North Portland Library.  Today is my last day.  There were never many teens at teen lounge, but I did enjoy two solid hours each week to write these blog posts.  And I really enjoyed the setting.  The woodwork is beautiful, much darker in real life than in this picture.

2 thoughts on “Last day at the North Portland Library”

  1. Wow, that ceiling is gorgeous. I wish it had a better floor to match. I’m sorry you had to go back to a 40 hour work week. It’s so exhausting.

    1. I can report that, though it’s harder to fit my usual things into a 40-hour week, I actually have more energy than when I was working 32 hours. Which was quite unexpected. I’m guessing it’s a combination of actually having to think again to do my job combined with the 30-minute-each-way bike commute.

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