Three sentence movie reviews: Lovely & Amazing


There’s some really great female body image stuff  in this and the usual Holofcenian touches.  This, of course, includes Catherine Keener, and I could not stand her character.*  However, it was quite well acted, including the four female leads and Jake Gyllenhaal when he was still playing teenagers.**

Cost:  Free from library.  (I requested this myself, but later found it on the shelf.  I do indeed think someone in my neighborhood has been systamatically working their way through Holofcener’s movies.  And now I have seen all of them too. Thanks random library patron for hooking me up with Holofcener!)
Where watched: at home.

*In my book, it’s not really important for female characters to be likable, but I so very much didn’t like her Michelle Marks, and unfortunately, it sunk the movie for me.
**He was 20 at the time.

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