Less coverage of the Rose Festival Princesses

Whereas in previous years we’ve gotten a picture of the Rose Festival Princess contenders for each school, now we only get a picture of the winning princess.  

I can’t say I’m a fan.  I liked to see the finalists from each school. Now they are a list of names.

And yes, complicated feminist feelings re: Princesses, but I’m someone who enjoys the Miss America Pageant, so there’s that.  At least with this, it’s not a beauty contest, but is based on accomplishments.  Plus they get scholarships, a mentorship and free clothes.

2 thoughts on “Less coverage of the Rose Festival Princesses”

  1. As someone who had the pleasure of being a Rose Festival Princess judge one year, I can confirm that it wasn’t about their looks at all. They have to do an interview with the panel of judges. We did not see them in formal gowns or anything of that nature.

    I still love the Miss America pageant, though. Haha. And I agree with you: they should include pictures/blurbs of all the princess candidates.

    1. WHAT!!!???!!!!! How did I not know this? What year? How did you get to be a judge? I’m so jealous.

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