Look at our lame new size!

Before, we had the long skinny paper, as pictured on the right.  After, we will have the short, stubby tabloid-style on the left.  But right now?  We have both.

A two-sized paper is annoying for the following reason.  Here is the normal mode of transport for the paper.  It tucks nicely in my bag.

Right now, we have two different sizes, resulting in a hangover flap thing that doesn’t tuck away very easily.
This will last until April, when it all becomes tabloid.

4 thoughts on “Look at our lame new size!”

  1. That a strange tabloid size. In my day, tabloid was roughly half the size of a broadsheet, give or take. That is clearly much larger than half.

  2. As a person who loves to fix things for people, these posts kill me because I want to fix it for you and all of PDX. Of course that's impossible, so in the mean time I will just feel bad!

  3. The two sizes thing is very weird, but I think the proposed tabloid size is weird as well. It's like they're admitting to giving up. "Our paper is no better than the Enquirer now!"

  4. That's kind of my view too. And when they switched to reduced home delivery they "sweetened" the deal by adding extra sections. Which are now going away in the tabloid format. Sheesh.

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