Minnesota State Fair Day One: My First Butter Princesses

When people questioned me as to just what I would DO at the Minnesota State Fair, one of the things I told them was, “And! They have butter princesses!  I have never seen a butter princess before!”  People’s knowledge of what a butter princess is, as well as their reactions to the existence of them, is a good screener for fellow fair friends.

And here are my first butter princesses!  This one is coming soon.  Sara told me that one is sculpted for each day of the fair.  So if you come on the first day, you see a lot of blocks of butter with pictures on them, and only one princess.

Here’s a nicely finished one:

Facts about the butter sculptures:

All of them incorporated some swoopy hair details.  I’m guessing that butter “swoops” well.

Completed and up-and-coming

And here are the butter princesses, in their human form.  If you come at the right time of day, you can chat with them.

There was a long line for the Dairy Women’s ice cream.  I opted for a picture of the line, rather than the product.

Sara nails the Turkey look.  I’ve got to work on my head-in-the-hole skills.

3 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Day One: My First Butter Princesses”

  1. I am not 100% sure that counts as nailing it! Ha!

    Iowa State Fair had full butter sculptures of more than just princesses. I haven’t seen them in person, but I have seen pictures.

  2. I think MN was the first place I ever heard of butter princesses. I have to admit, I find the sculptures a bit off-putting.

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