Minnesota State Fair Day Two: Skyride

I headed from one sky experience to the other one, with only a quick stop to collect my walking tour prize.

It was interesting to note that the USA representative for Von Roll Ltd. is located in Sun Valley, Idaho.

There was a long line for this, and as I got closer to the front there was a sign that said, “No single riders Friday, Saturday, Sunday.”  I didn’t want to ride with other people!  But I stayed the course and no one said anything as I stood by my lonesome waiting to get on.  It was fun watching the employees helping everyone get onto each gondola. These hold more people, than the chairlifts, so sometimes it would be parents, three little kids, and a stroller being packed in the car in the few seconds they had to load up.

Here I go:

There were not as many people here today as yesterday.  But not by much.  Yesterday the attendance was 254,431, today was 242,759, which was a new attendance record for this day at the fair.  Overall, nearly TWO MILLION people visited the fair this year, making a new record of 1,977,320

Sweet Martha’s cookies has three locations in the fair.  I only passed over this one from the air, but from walking by, I can guess that they all pretty much looked like this one. Shawn says the trick is to go in from the side.

Here’s the giant slide, yet another thing I didn’t get to.

A “backstage” look at some pretty intense cardboard recycling.

Where I ate my cheese curds and key lime pie on a stick

The agriculture building.

Did you want to go through a giant maze while at the fair? You are in luck!

Overall, I preferred the open air Sky Glider to the gondola-like Skyride, but the Skyride does hold more than two people, making it a better choice for families.

3 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Day Two: Skyride”

  1. SO much fun! I’m a bit jelly! Love that maze. I need to go through that next year. I’m also glad that you got to ride on your own. A prize well earned for waiting in that line. And yes, it is best to go in on the side for cookies! Great views.

  2. Did you get to go alone or did they put you in with someone?

    I would do that giant slide if it were flat. I don’t like the “bumpy” ones; I’m afraid I’ll go flying. I might be a wimp.

    That little spot where you ate your cheese curds is very pretty.

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