Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom is filming at our house.

I don’t really mind spiders setting up shop in our house. (Though I don’t love the little black speckles that appear where they do set up shop.) I often wonder what they find to eat when inside. There are a few bugs, but not really that many.

This spider completely lucked out. And this caterpillar did not.

There was a long, grisly process of sucking the juices. You can see that juices were spilled. As the spider ate, it’s body got rounder and rounder.

It was very gross and also fascinating. Reporting from the future, I can tell you that soon after this large meal, an egg sac appeared. As of June, it’s still there. I keep meaning to put it outside before the baby spiders emerge. We shall see if I do.

3 thoughts on “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom is filming at our house.”

  1. Also—look/don’t look for that corny fungus from my 11th grade bio book that I just can’t let go of–even now.

    Hmmm…Mr. Anderson’s class might have been 10th. Ah well. It has been a while and that is the point!

    1. Most people took Bio in 10th. I didn’t want to dissect frogs, though so I didn’t take it at all. Which means I’m entirely unfamiliar with corn smut.

      And now I have googled. And. Gross.

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