New building coming soon to the Pearl District.

This is the half-block north of the block where my school is located, right across the street from the Pearl Bakery.  And changes are afoot.


This building is going to be tall, it looks like 11 stories at it’s highest.  The building across the street is three, maybe four stories.  It looks like a half-block of parking (which is what is going on right now) will also disappear.


To give some perspective, here’s the corner of the block from the perspective of the new building.  In the center background, you can see the six-story apartment/dorm building that was built where Powell’s Technical Books used to be.  This corner has a three story building (on the left) the two-story parking garage building, the two story building across the street you can’t see in this picture and then eventually an 11-story building.  I guess we shall see how it all looks.


2 thoughts on “New building coming soon to the Pearl District.”

  1. Well, I hope the actual building looks better than that artist’s rendering, because it looks pretty ugly to me. Another mixed use building, I presume? Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that old brick building lasted as long as it did in the Pearl.

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