3 thoughts on “Oh by the way, did we mention we would stop publishing the community news section?”

  1. The metro section is about what it was, maybe shorter articles. Also fewer letters to the editor (my favorite part of the section) and columnists both local and national. The front page/national/world news is about what it was. I think they added stuff to sports, but I never read the sports page, so I don't really know. The living/entertainment section has been plumped up with all sorts of articles from elsewhere. Even the movie reviews. They still have a main critic (although I think he's listed as "special to the Oregonian") but he reviews two or three movies and the rest they pull from critics nationwide. None of those critics are women, either. The local theater coverage has been cut back, and they don't have a main guy doing that. There is no regular coverage of the music happening. I think I would have appreciated an abrupt end a la the Seattle P.I., rather than this slow drip. The whole thing makes me cranky.

  2. There are no words for how disappointing this is. Do you get a feel for how other Portlaners (is that the correct collective?) are feeling about this?

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