Three sentence movie reviews: Prince Avalanche

This was a very pleasant movie to watch in that way one gets when they have ample time and don’t really care so much if the movie has a ton of stuff happen in it and everything.  The characters were interesting and time passed along.  However, I could not help thinking the following repeatedly throughout the picture: this is totally a film that would never, ever be made with women cast in the lead.

Cost:  $2.00 from Videorama
Where watched: at home.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Prince Avalanche”

  1. A few months ago at trivia, there was a question about a movie Emile Hirsch was in. I told my friends to put down "Speed Racer." They were skeptical. "That doesn't sound like the right answer." "Name another movie that Emile Hirsch is in," I told them. Since they couldn't, they wrote down "Speed Racer." It was the right answer.

    At least now I know the name of another one of his movies though, lol.

  2. Thanks to your review I went to watch the trailer. Very interesting premise, it seems. I like it when Paul Rudd plays these sorts of characters.

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