Old Photos

It seems strange to call these old, as they are pictures from when I was little and they are in color, but considering Ronald Reagan was president when they were taken, they are old.

That’s me wearing my mother’s Queen of the May dress that her mother made for her. I love the springy daffodil background. Choosing the background was my favorite part of getting my picture taken. A quick pull on this flower background and it would retract. Then you could choose a different one, like a snow scene, or a solid color. (Boring!)

Thank goodness I grew my hair out after this. I don’t love that bowl cut.

And here’s my brother. He wouldn’t consent to dressing in these types of clothing for much longer. But he looks so going-to-church.

Where do kids get their pictures taken now a days? I’m guessing not at Sears or J.C. Penny.

Hold the phones Edna! You can get your pictures taken at J.C. Penny! They even have themes. You can even get office head shots taken there. That’s the only place, though. Sears, Target, and Wal-Mart have all closed their portrait studios in the last decade. K-Mart closed theirs long ago.

2 thoughts on “Old Photos”

  1. I love that Edna needs to hold the phone! It was news to me too!

    Also Queen of the May dress! Such a delight. I love the family pictures fun of visiting parents.

    1. I heard this morning that JC Penny filed for bankruptcy and my first thought was, “But what about getting your picture taken there????”

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