One Story: Please Give Me One Good Reason Not to Hate You

Benny narrates this, and Benny isn’t the greatest of guys.  But he’s the kind of guy you probably should like less, but don’t.  Here’s a quote: “I arrived in Bozeman after the place that came after Animas, was thinking I would stay forever—thinking I would finally stop what I’ve been doing and be someone, thinking this place was really me.”

Bozeman is going well, sort of, until he goes on a backpacking trip with some friends.  The story is structured so that I felt equally sorry for everyone on the trip, and also happy to see Benny get what is coming to him.

There were fun class/income observations also.  Nicely done, Shawn Vestal.

2 thoughts on “One Story: Please Give Me One Good Reason Not to Hate You”

  1. I know that you know, but I want a picture. And a book where you root for the iffy prot/antagonist (as it seems like Benny was both?) and then enjoy his comeuppance sounds pretty daftly crafted.

  2. I appreciate a story that can give you a character who walks that thin line between likable and unlikable. I just came across this in a movie I saw recently (Blue Jasmine). Also, I really like the title.

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