Three sentence movie reviews: Rough Night

This movie didn’t work for me, and I think the main reason is because it’s set up as a zany comedy, and then for most of the movie the women are faced with trying to cover up the murder of an innocent male stripper.  Despite this hardship, it manages to be amusing throughout.  We spent a goodly amount of time curiously dissecting what didn’t work.

Cost: $1.50 from Redbox
Where watched: at home with Matt.

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7 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Rough Night”

  1. I am kinda off of Scar-Jo. Not sure why…well the white washing issues with her character do lend to the issue. That was not entirely her fault but she didn’t handle it well and could have just said no, pick an Asian actress instead.

    1. I think it’s unfair to put the white washing issue on a single actress. Before she auditioned, or was chosen, for the part there was a crowd of producers, writers, directors, studio heads etc., that chose not to address the fact that they probably weren’t even looking for an Asian actress. No one asked them to comment. It’s also unrealistic to decide that she shouldn’t have taken the role. Can you say that in your life you have turned down every opportunity that you got because of your comparative advantage?

      Aside from being a good actress, Johansson is one of the rare child actors who has transitioned to adult life with grace and lack of scandal. She gets to live with a lot of people commenting on the state of her body, and also her private photos were hacked and spread across the internet for anyone to see. Not to mention she continually brings it as Black Widow in the Avengers movies, but has yet to have her own movie.

  2. And that is my 11.

    It occurs to me that I didn’t see a post about a postcard from NYC. Did that postcard not come or did I just miss the post?

    1. I’ve got posts on:
      The Brooklyn one
      The Whitney one
      Hmmm. There was a diorama-rama one. What has become of that post? I know I wrote it.

  3. I feel like it takes something special to get a “buddy comedy” right. For every “The Hangover” or “Bridesmaids” you have, you get dozens of other movies that try and fail to repeat the formula. As for this particular movie, I have no opinion. I haven’t seen it.

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