One Story: Toby and A Month on Greene Street

A story of loss, written by a student at Portland’s own Grant High School.

Tom Hanks has a successful career as an actor, director and producer. Plus a book deal for his short stories. He’s probably got enough money to start his own literary magazine.  Thus, it bugs me that he’s taking up space in the One Story lineup.  That said, I quite enjoyed this story.

5 thoughts on “One Story: Toby and A Month on Greene Street”

    1. Yep. That Tom Hanks. And I totally heard his voice reading it too. It would have been interesting to read it without noticing who the author was (which is what I usually do.)

  1. I agree, print your own books, Tom Hanks. Although, I wonder if perhaps publishing some famous people’s short stories actually helps One Story. Like, maybe someone picks up the book because of the famous name and then they subscribe to One Story because they like the book.

    1. This is an excellent counterpoint that slightly mitigates my grumpy feelings. Current grumpy feelings around other people publishing things center on Hank Green, brother of Fault in our Stars John Green. Hank has written a book, which immediately got picked up for publication primarily due to his YouTube success and also probably due to being the brother of John Green. I find myself annoyed on several levels re: the ease of publication, but also some part of me sees some little brother competitiveness (well, if he can be so successful writing a novel, I want to write a novel too) that annoys me.

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