Orange Door Project: Side Yard rehab

Project time!  We are making a nice path from the sidewalk to the edge of the backyard.  I look forward to not walking through mud (in the winter) weeds (in the summer) and cat poop (year round.)

Here are our “before” photos.  Side yard from the fence to the edge of the yard.  Big weedy mess. 

From the fence to the sidewalk: big weedy mess.

From the sidewalk looking back to the fence:  big weedy mess, though that is mint that I planted.

The side yard is a Fall 2017 project. After that, we will tackle the backyard, which is a Spring 2018 project.

The plan for the side yard: clear all the vegetation, dig out 4″ of dirt.  Add back in 2″ of gravel, landscape cloth, a layer of sand, flagstone, then more gravel.  I’m very excited to be done with this project and have an easy  passage.

3 thoughts on “Orange Door Project: Side Yard rehab”

  1. How’s this coming along?!? Such a great plan. I can’t wait to see the progress. I know you have been super busy so it might be in progress! 🙂

    1. We finished last weekend! (12/10.) I was so tired I didn’t take any photos. I’ll grab some this weekend. I’m pleased that it’s done, and it is achieving all the goals set out. It is not a project with straight lines, which you will hear about.

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