Postcards from Hood River, Oregon & Portland, Oregon

This marvelous ad card arrived from Hood River, where Laurie (you might know her from the Cosmic Tripster post) and the Valaries were doing a training.  It’s an ad card full of stickers!  I’ve never seen such a thing.IMG_5610

This came from my mother, who was sending me some paperwork for me to mail.  I suspect she must have found this while visiting stores when he friend Linda was in town.  I’m familiar with this artist and have sent her postcards to Postcrossers, so it was fun to see it arrive in my mailbox.IMG_5611

One thought on “Postcards from Hood River, Oregon & Portland, Oregon”

  1. A sticker postcard! Very cool. I love that Steel Bridge postcard. If that’s what all her stuff is like, then I’m a fan!

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