Provence Smock finally finished.

And I love it!
This was supposed to be done for the first day of school.  Unlike the other two aprons I made last year, this one has half-inch binding instead of quarter inch.  I wasn’t paying attention when I bought and I couldn’t get back to the fabric store, so I rolled with it.  I like the quarter-inch binding better, but this is okay.  I adore the material, which looks like Portland in the winter, with the grey background and the colorful buildings and the bridges.  I think the pink ties everything together nicely.
And look at the fun buttons I got, which were half-off at Fabric Depot.

I had some trouble with the corner where the yoke joined the apron bottom.

If you turn your head sideways you can see this pocket detail.
There were many expressions of glee when I wore this to school.  I like all three of my aprons for different reasons, and I’m very excited to welcome this one into the fold.

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