Tonight was my reading.  I meant to take a picture at the bar with my story leaning up against my cocktail and the dark atmosphere really setting the stage.  But I forgot.  I was nervous and then I was busy listening to the others (I went second) and then I was talking with my friends that came out and then I was talking with the other people in my class and before you knew it, I was home and instead of a dark, atmospheric photo, you got a picture of my Sunday paper and my reading.  But you already read it earlier in the week.

Things to note about this experience:  I loved it.  It was very fun to get up in front of people and read something I wrote.  I practiced a lot and thought throughout my many practice sessions, “there is absolutely nothing I can cut from this.”  Then when reading I left out entire sentences, thinking, “yep, that doesn’t actually need to be said.”  It was very interesting to observe that going down.  The lights meant I couldn’t see anyone while I read.  That was unfortunate, as I would have loved to see some expressions.  But I could hear a bit of laughter in parts, so that was cool.

2 thoughts on “Reading.”

  1. Oh man, I really do wish I could have been there. I'm glad you had a great experience! I would have been dying of nerves. I hate public speaking!

  2. I wish I had been there too. The bright lights and not seeing the audience is what makes theater work so well for me. I'm playing another character and I can't see anyone out there in the audience, it makes my nerves disappear a bit. I'm so glad that the reading went well.

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