Requium: skirt, belt and hat

With tidying comes discarding and it is time for these favorites to go.

I got this skirt from my roommate in Somerville, who got it from her cousin Diana. I wore it a lot over the years and often received compliments.  Originally, the hem was very uneven, so much so that when I took it to the tailor to even out she had to get out the official hem marking device and mark her way around.  Its still a fun skirt for Contra Dancing, but it’s tighter in the waist than it used to be, so it’s time to find a new owner to love it.


Another stalwart from the Massachusetts days is this fabulous Deerstalker which I bought in a thrift shop in Somerville.  I could tie it quite tightly and keep my head warm for the cold walks I took every morning at 5:30am to get to work at Whole Foods.  I feel great affection for this hat, but have not worn it, even once since I moved to Portland.  There just isn’t a Deerstalker’s amount of cold in  my part of Oregon. IMG_3240

I suspect I purchased this belt at Newberry Comics, a local chain I didn’t like because it tried too hard to be an Alt Record Store, when actually every location looked exactly the same.  I did love this belt though.  Who wouldn’t like to wear flames on their belt?


2 thoughts on “Requium: skirt, belt and hat”

  1. Hey, I remember that belt! I’m a little sorry to see it go, but I suppose that all clothes have their time and place.

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