Reunion dress. Material and pattern fitting.

I’m not a “finisher” which means that I enjoy planning and beginning projects and getting them done is my least favorite part.  This means I’m already planning my next project by the time I hit the mid-project phase.  So it was with the Auction Dress.  I couldn’t wait to get started on the dress I will make for my 20-year high school reunion.  This is why I have a firm “one project at a time” rule.  But the auction dress is done!  And now I can make the reunion dress.

The pattern is the Crepe pattern from Collette Patterns.  I’m going to make the sweetheart neckline version.  Conveniently, there was a sew-along on Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing back in 2010-2011 so I will have guidance.  I’ve even set myself out on a sewing schedule.  When I was making the Auction Dress I hated how the sewing stuff sat out on the dining room table making everything messy all the time.  So for this project I will work only on the weekends and put everything away.  The sewing schedule will also hopefully keep me from the “gotta finish now” frantic nature of the last project.

I picked out the material two weeks ago because that was the day my excellent sewing companion could go.  This project will teach me underlining, so I had to find two kinds of material that worked well together.  With the good judgement of my sewing companion here’s what I (well, it was mostly she, not I) came up with:

The outer layer.

The underlining.
Here’s how they look together.  There is also a contrast sash that will be made out of the underlining fabric.
It looks good, eh?
So this week I’m tracing the pattern and working on the muslin.  I’ve decided to trace the pattern because patterns are expensive and I would like to keep mine in usable condition.
Here’s a fun initial pattern fit.  I can tell there will be changes with the muslin.
Especially around the sleeve area.
Because I totally ripped that open with my broad shoulders.

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  1. I LOVE the fabric choice!!!! They two fabrics together look so lovely. I can't wait to see the progress on this dress and then get to see it in person!!!!

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