Salads in a Jar are Very Aesthetically Pleasing

I bought a salad-in-a-jar book. It was not much money, because that trend was a few years ago. I’ve been having fun making extra meals for Matt and me.

My salads are on the right. You can tell, because they have cherry tomatoes in them. Matt, not a fan of raw tomatoes, got beets instead.

One thought on “Salads in a Jar are Very Aesthetically Pleasing”

  1. Do the greens stay crunchy? Do they shake well? Do the tomatoes actually mix? Do you eat it out of the jar or put it in a new container? Is that nuts or cheese that is separate? Why separate. Teach me your ways! So many questions. Never tried them. Which may be odd since I have been exposed to salads/lunches in the jar for a long time (I am the correct demo).

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