Saying goodbye to Seaside

Here’s the other half of the front room of our rental.  I’m standing in the kitchen to take this picture.  It was a delightful little spot, perfect for exactly what we needed. The bedroom was classy-looking, the bathroom was charmingly tiny and we enjoyed being able to lower that table and stretch the couch out to watch a movie.

Our house was in a long line of maybe ten similarly-sized beach houses (There was a 518 square foot studio for sale for $105,000) and its front door overlooked a parking area, and then another line of apartments, so this wasn’t a view property.  Still, it was very close to the beach and to downtown Seaside and we mostly walked everywhere, so it was prefect for us.

Yay for Seaside vacations!

3 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Seaside”

  1. It really seems like a perfect little beach cottage! I think I would have so much fun staying there for a weekend.

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