Seaside Day III

Hey!  Look at this postcard, that I wrote yesterday.

And then look at what happened to the building that the postcard came from.  It’s a clever postcard, inserting photos of Seaside into a picture of a mural of a postcard. It’s just too bad the building hasn’t fared so well.  From the outside, it looked like construction had started and then been stopped for a long time.

We took a hike at (you guessed it) Tillamook Head.  It was fun to take a timer photo, for once.

This tree lived a long time. Then it fell over. Then we came along and Matt posed next to it.

Back in Seaside, we took a walk to the Lewis & Clark Salt Works, which was a historic site I believe I visited with my friends on the Post-Graduation Trip, back in 1993.  I took no pictures.  But I did get a picture of this friendly little yard decor.

The Treasure Quest.  The Visitor’s Bureau presented this fun little contest for us to occupy our time.  Using the clues, we walked around Seaside and found five of the six pictures yesterday.  But picture E eluded us, so we walked over to the Visitor’s Bureau for a clue.  

Our clue was that it was off the beaten path, also that, unfortunately, it wasn’t always visible.  Matt was fine with not getting this last clue, but I was up for one last push. 

I looked up every seafood place in Seaside and took a nice long walk, examining all the windows closely for that industrial shelving I could see in the background. Nada.  You will notice I had 10 stops.  None of them worked.  I headed back to the cabin and Matt and I decided to go to the one place I hadn’t been: Bell Buoy Seafood.  We drove.

And that was it!  It seems that that cute little sign is how they tell the UPS driver if they have packages that need picked up. That’s why it isn’t always in the window.  Success!  Plus I got hostess gifts for vacation part II.  We assembled our entry form while sitting on the same Orange Chair we sat in the previous day when getting our clue.

And then we collected our fabulous prize! Thanks to the Seaside Visitor’s Bureau for providing us with some vacation fun.

3 thoughts on “Seaside Day III”

  1. Is that an iron-on patch? What a fantastic idea the treasure quest is! I wish my little town would do something like this.

    1. Perhaps you should suggest it to the Chamber of Commerce…

      I’m not sure if it’s an iron-on patch. It still in its packaging, pinned to a bulletin board.

      It was very fun to do the quest, though I did feel a little sad once I realized October had come and gone and we didn’t win a single additional prize. We (and I) did so. much. walking. If only that resulted in prizes, instead of one entry into the drawing.

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