Shrug planning.

I have purchased a fleece blanket from Goodwill, which will be my “muslin.”  Take that, expensive muslin.  I spent $4.00, not $20.00.
I used this link (warning: shrug pictured is not the shrug in the pattern) and mapped out my pattern.
Hmm.  Needs to be longer in the arm and more material in the back.
I will add some inches.

5 thoughts on “Shrug planning.”

  1. Haha, I wonder if P is dying because she hates ellipses! Lol. I agree with the assessment of longer arms & more material in the back. Love the color though.

  2. Indeed, I followed that ellipses comment with an email back to Sara about how I hate them. In a super-nerdy way, three of the people in my writing class got into an argument about ellipsis. I know you know where I stood.

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