New ironing board. Also, completed shrug.

The old model. Not shown:  how it would shriek while setting it up, causing Antares to flee in horror.  Also not shown:  how it would fall down unexpectedly, sometimes right in the middle of me pressing something.
Our new ironing board friend? Looks cheery. Is manufactured in a way so it will not fall down unexpectedly.  Also has the same kind of legs as the old one, so I can still use the same closet hangers.
Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my completed shrug.  If I make this again I will size up one size (to accommodate my large arms) and extend the front pieces so they meet.  Still, this is fine.  And its very cozy.

Shrug Pattern

It’s grown cold and my work dress is short sleeved.  What to do with my cold arms?  Make three more dresses in a long-sleeved pattern?  Possibly, if I had more money and more time.  Instead, I purchased a pattern for a shrug from Jalie Patterns.

This is the first pattern I’ve bought from this pattern company, which is Canadian and has a lot of active wear. I will likely buy more because I liked that the pattern paper was high quality and the shrug was easy to assemble.  Process photos coming soon.

Shrug planning.

I have purchased a fleece blanket from Goodwill, which will be my “muslin.”  Take that, expensive muslin.  I spent $4.00, not $20.00.
I used this link (warning: shrug pictured is not the shrug in the pattern) and mapped out my pattern.
Hmm.  Needs to be longer in the arm and more material in the back.
I will add some inches.