Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs,

Bad picture, because my reaction time is very slow (the real reason I don’t like video games) but still!  Look at these great and informative signs that have sprouted up in the Portland Metro Area Freeways.  I have no idea if the information is accurate, but they sure look neat.

2 thoughts on “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs,”

  1. We have them here. They are fun when they say 6 miles in 6 minutes. They are less fun when they say 6 miles 40 minutes! And, honestly, while I don't have to commute here in a real sense (my 10-15 minute drive is delightful), we have been stuck in weekend exodus/return traffic on many occasions as we traveled in the area. And that sign with the details is a godsend. If it has the ominous version of the timing prediction that will lead us to google maps to check traffic and seek out alternate routes.

  2. On the rare occasions I've been on the freeway here, I've seen signs like this, although they're older here. They definitely don't look as nice. I have no idea if they're accurate. I've never paid the slightest bit of attention. However, I tend to get on the freeway for short trips only. It's a nice idea though. I suppose it gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not you might like to try surface streets instead.

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