SKS Postcards: Natural History Museum and Book Postcard

These first two postcards came from the Natural History Museum. Though they are part of diorama-ramas, which I love, these particular figures creep me out.

Especially this one. Sara reports that she’s been busily checking things off her list, with her big deadline days being 2/28 and 3/1.

This is a book promo postcard that she has not read. (I haven’t, either.)  She also talks of weather and the inevitable Minnesota snow.
Thanks, Sara, for the postcard update!

One thought on “SKS Postcards: Natural History Museum and Book Postcard”

  1. Oh yes, those semi-creepy diorama-orammas, they were creepy cool in person. And i still have one left in the series that you will see someday. 🙂

    Oh how fun…we know that deadline/to do list paid off in a big way! Yes! from future me!!!

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