Spiraling is fun

I won a drawing and the prize was a $50 Visa gift card. I spent it on a spiralizer and my goodness, but that is a fun, superfluous kitchen item.

I’ve made pasta from scratch before, and it’s a so-so endeavor. The pasta wants to break a lot as you are rolling it out, and my memories of it are that it doesn’t taste as good as dried pasta.

But vegetables?  They don’t break!  If the surface being spiralized is big enough, the strands just keep getting longer. It’s very satisfying.

2 thoughts on “Spiraling is fun”

  1. 1) Yes to a $50 windfall

    2) Great superfluous kitchen item purchase which clearly brings you joy!

    3) Oooh never ending spirals FTW

    1. The other day I got a $25 windfall in the mail. I had forgotten I had taken a survey that the first X number of people were promised $25 gift cards. It was a delightful mail moment.

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