Society says it’s okay for this guy to have this bumper sticker.


Let us bypass the obvious, that this guy is a jerk and not worth anyone’s time.  Let us move on to the implications of a man who is not called out for putting this bumper sticker on his truck.

If you replace “fat chicks” with any other type of group, this becomes a bumper sticker that isn’t okay.  Why hasn’t there been a confrontation, a general hue and cry?

2 thoughts on “Society says it’s okay for this guy to have this bumper sticker.”

  1. I’ll never understand why some people feel the need to announce to the world that they’re jerks. I can only guess that he’s proud to be a jerk. Like, my half-brother, who never used to post on FB, now posts all the time and it’s pretty much all awful (he’s a Trump supporter). One of the things he posted was about how proud he is to be an asshole. It’s literally mind boggling to me.

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