Song of the month: August 2016

Bright Eyes “First Day of My Life”
This came about because it was the background to a book trailer (story trailer?) for one of the One Teen Story publications.  It’s one of those songs that captures one of those magic moments that changes everything.  It hits all the pleasure centers for me.

Cage the Elephant
Currently, this is a song that is playing on many of the radio stations I scroll through and I give a squeal when I come across it.  Unlike many songs, which I love for their lyrics first and music second, I love those arpeggio things that happen before the chorus.  The drummer has just the right amount of drag going on too.  Also, I appreciate it’s a song without a lot of lyrics (like many songs today) and yet it doesn’t feel repetitive.  Also, the singer’s range in this song is crazy big.  He runs from too low for my range at the beginning right up to too high for my range with those oo-ooo, oo-oo’s.

Note:  I have no time to watch these vidoes.  I have no comment on them, but I really liked the start of the Bright Eyes one. And  The Cage the Elephant one looks like it might tell a story!

Watching videos feels like one of those things I could do when I was teenager, but who has time now?


3 thoughts on “Song of the month: August 2016”

  1. The Bright Eyes video was such a delight to watch. So sweet and moving! Lovely!!!

    Both songs are perfect picks for August!!!

  2. That Cage the Elephant song is so overplayed here that I can’t bring myself to watch the video. Loved the Bright Eyes video though. It’s really sweet. Brought a little tear to my eye. I’m normally not so into his music, but I like that song a lot.

    1. Sometimes, when choosing a song, I reject simply because I’m worried that in six months I will hear it and hate it because it’s been on the radio so much.

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