Songs of the month March 2019: Salvation, Now That You’re Gone

“Salvation” The Strumbellas

I no longer remember where I heard this song, but it’s great! And the video has families making up a dance routine in 30 minutes and then performing it.

It’s a classic rock song setup (verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus) and that bluprint imprinted on me early.

Also, if I hadn’t watched this video I would have had no idea that the lyric was: Hey now kid, you’re my salvation.

“Now That You’re Gone” The Raconteurs

Speaking of things that imprinted early, everything about this song is something that imprinted on me. The steady drip of the bass, the guitar lick responding to the lyrics, the angry/sad/triumphant lyrics. These are all things I love.

Never known such unhappiness/Never thought it would end like this/What will I do now that you’re gone?

As for the video? Eh. The mirror thing is cool. There’s also classic boobage. Not my thing.

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