The 2020 Thanksgiving Pickup

Times being what they are, we can’t gather for Thanksgiving like we usually do. So we each made a food item and brought enough to share.

Linda and Matt demonstrate the physical distancing. Matt isn’t usually in Portland for Thanksgiving, so this was a treat.

More distancing.

Mom brought mashed potatoes and gravy. (I think.)

Chris made Spanish Rice to go with Matt’s enchiladas.

Aunt Carol made soup.

Linda made squash.

I made rolls, and burned some of them, alas.

Aunt Pat made turkey, pumpkin pie, and whipped cream.

One thought on “The 2020 Thanksgiving Pickup”

  1. And the whole meal comes together. It is know of like a progressive dinner (which I have never experienced but heard so much about!) where it progressed out to houses in one piece. Best possible option for this holiday during our Pandemic times. We ordered our meal from a local catering company and it was delish!

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