The Big Party Aftermath

I entirely guessed wrong about how much ice would be needed. That was a month of preparation task I didn’t need to do. Also, too late I realized I could have emptied these outside and let the melting ice water the garden.

The Watergate Cake with Impeachment Frosting was the big winner of the three cakes. It also might have been cut and served when the most people were there.

The Pink Cake was also enjoyed. Once of the guests told me that it was literally the best cake he had ever eaten. I feel the same way about that cake.

The poor Goober Cake didn’t get much play. By the time we cut into it at 8 p.m. we were down to five party attendees.

I thought the 9/11 remembrances turned out well. I enjoyed reading where people were on that date.

We didn’t get a lot of traction on singing, unfortunately.

People were all into the both and plan for celebrating anniversaries. I voted for May.

It was fun to realize that some of us had known each other for a very long time.

The Big Party had the most number of signatures in the party retrospective lineup.

But we had good turnout for this one.

And this one. The 40th birthday party was the biggest party prior to the Big Party.

Happily, cleanup didn’t take very long. Sadly, Burt and Laurie, who were the witnesses for the wedding, couldn’t attend because Burt was ill.

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